This document outlines how to temporarily defer installation of Windows Feature Updates. This is not as useful as in the past, as Microsoft has switched to a more sane update schedule and now only forces Feature Updates when your current version reaches EOL, and only updates to the next version in sequence, rather than to the latest.

Nevertheless, if you would like some extra control over when Windows 10 does feature updates, this is for you.


To defer feature updates for up to a year:

  1. Run gpedit.msc
  2. Choose Computer Configuration
  3. Go to Admin Templates → Windows Components → Windows Update → Windows Update for Business
  4. Open Select when Preview builds and Feature Updates are Received
  5. Set it to Enabled
  6. Choose Semi-Annual Channel from the drop down box
  7. In the number box type in 365
  8. Click Apply

  9. Open Select the target Feature Update version
  10. Set it to Enabled
  11. In the box type in the desired feature update version (eg. 1909)
  12. Click Apply