Rules of Backup

  1. If it’s not automated it’s not backup
  2. If it’s not nightly it’s not backup
  3. If it’s not off-site, it’ll get damaged with the computer
  4. If it’s not on-site, it won’t be accessible when needed
  5. If it’s not tested, it will be corrupt when you need it

Backup Service

Sign up for cloud backup service.

  • Carbonite ($6/mo) - does both cloud backup and on-site backup to external drive.

Cloud Sync

Get cloud sync for your “work folders”. Store your current projects there.

  • Dropbox - cloud folder sync with roll-back feature.

You can use Dropbox to roll your files back to earlier state when you mess up. It’s layman’s version control.

Off-line Sync

If you can’t or won’t use cloud, use a good file sync program to create backups:

  • Bvckup2 - file sync without cloud ($20)

Remember to take media off-site or sync to a remote computer at a different location.