Rules of Backup

  1. If it’s not automated it’s not backup
  2. If it’s not nightly it’s not backup
  3. If it’s not off-site, it’ll get damaged with the computer
  4. If it’s not on-site, it won’t be accessible when needed
  5. If it’s not tested, it will be corrupt when you need it

Backup Service

Sign up for cloud backup service.

  • Mozy Personal ($5.99/mo) - does both cloud backup and on-site backup to external drive.

Make sure it’s saving all the files it needs. By default Mozy omits some files (source code and executables might get skipped).

Cloud Sync

Get cloud sync for your “work folders”. Store your current projects there.

  • Dropbox - cloud folder sync with roll-back feature.

You can use Dropbox to roll your files back to earlier state when you mess up. It’s layman’s version control.

Off-line Sync

If you can’t or won’t use cloud, use a good file sync program to create backups:

  • Bvckup2 - file sync without cloud ($20)

Remember to take media off-site or sync to a remote computer at a different location.