What is MECCG?

MECCG or Middle Earth Collectible Card Game is possibly the best CCG ever published. It plays more like a board game than a card game really. You assemble a company of heroes who then travel through middle earth collecting artifacts, and marshaling armies trying to get ready to face the great enemy. You can try to re-play the story of the Fellowship, or create your own band of misfits, who have their own adventures in parallel to the book heroes.

How do I get started?

Bad news is that this game has been dead for decades. Best place to start is to pick up a challenge deck on eBay. These are similar to MTG commander decks: they are fully playable decks with build in synergies intended to be played against each other. There are 5 wizard decks and 5 Ringwraith decks to choose from. You can sometimes snatch them up for cheap on ebay:

Alternatively, build your own deck for friendly games using printable card proxies:

I made a deck builder app, which is available here:

If you need some lists to test, try the challenge deck lists:


A challenge deck or a starter deck will come with a tiny rulebook from which you can learn the rules. That said, the community around the game is still vibrant and they have been maintaining the rulebooks and updating them with erratas and tournament rulings. You can download the community maintained rulebooks from here: