What is Warmaster?

Warmaster is tabletop game published by Games Workshop in the year 2000. It is set in the Warhammer Fantasy setting but uses 10mm scale miniatures. The game downplays the role of magic and heroes, and focuses on command, control and strategy. It was created as an alternative for folks who were tired of the hero-hammer meta grind, and the rules were lated adopted to create a line of 10mm historical games and inspired 28mm historical games such as Heil Caesar.

Army Builders

Quickest way to pit together a list:


Since the game has been out of production for decades, here are some printable proxies and alternative minis.


You can usually pick up a used copy on eBay or Amazon relatively cheap:

Alternatively, you can download a copy on the interwebs:

  • Dark Age Press - original rulebook as well as community updated versions