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A is a simple tool for keeping track of your work. Great tool for sysadmins or tech support professionals who want to keep a running log of their tasks and assignments.

If you want to record something, simply open Luke's Work Log, type it into the text box, and hit "Save Worklog Entry". This will add your entry to the log file for today, with the current time attached to it. A new file is created for every day of the year.

Luke's Work Log uses plain text files to store all the information. Separate file is created for each day of the year for which there was an entry. Days without entries are skipped. For ease of access, and sorting the files are named using ISO date format: "YYYY-MM-DD".

By default the files are stored inside the Worklogs directory in My Documents but that can be changed from the application itself.

The built in calendar allows for easy browsing through the archive files.



Luke's Work Log is released under GPLv3 open source license.

Source & Bug Tracking:

System Requirements

  • .NET Framework